Kevin Day
2 min readSep 20, 2021

VELVET REVOLVER/ex-GUNS N’ ROSES drummer Matt Sorum has partnered with the music industry pioneers behind label services provider Rocket Science to launch an exciting new label concept titled Dead Conflict. This artist-controlled label will allow branded music artists the unique ability to retain a majority ownership of their recordings.

Dead Conflict features Sorum contributing in an A&R and talent capacity, and also Rocket Science founder Kevin Day. Ranging from sponsorship and branding to business infrastructure and touring initiatives, Dead Conflict’s forward-thinking approach will also include flexible project funding. It intends to offer artists a repertoire of opportunities unlike any they’ve experienced before.

“Having a musician who has been there and done that will bring a lot of confidence to the artists we bring on board. They’ll know that I know what it takes to make a great record,” says Sorum. “We’re here to let them know we have their back. While they focus on making great music, we take care of the rest. Commerce isn’t our goal — great music is.”

Dead Conflict will offer an array of additional services using the same innovative Rocket Science service platform that helped bolster established acts and upstarts, including Carmen Electra, THE FIREMAN, COLD WAR KIDS, MÖTLEY CRÜE, PINK SPIDERS, BLACK GOLD and THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT. In addition to the benefits that flexible project funding offers existing and future clients, the label will also offer funds for a diverse variety of needs, be it tour support, recording costs, marketing or consumer advertising.

“It allows us to use the machine we’ve developed in a true partnership with artists and provide a broad variety of services,” says Rocket Science founder and Dead Conflict partner Kevin Day, whose company will provide distribution services and label management. “What the artists in the self-release model will benefit from the most is having a say in the marketing of their music, as well as retaining majority ownership and control. At the very core of this concept is the ability to always offer a majority artist-controlled ownership model.”

In addition to providing a direct-to-consumer platform, publishing, and international distribution, the partnership bring to bear a fully staffed film and TV placement staff, and the accountability of releasing content via Rocket Science’s existing radio promotion, marketing, physical and digital services.